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Welcome to Rabbit Trail Media! We specialize in Video Production and Digital Marketing. Whatever your marketing needs, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. We are a team of passionate, creative people who are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

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Who we serve

Film Production Studios

We specialize in empowering production studios with the tools and strategies they need to amplify their impact. We seamlessly blend innovative services, digital expertise, and impactful social campaigns to showcase your film project and captivate audiences. Trust us to amplify your presence, drive engagement, and propel your productions to new heights.

Small Businesses

As a dedicated digital marketing agency tailored for small enterprises, we recognize the power of a strategic online presence in driving growth. Our mission is to empower small businesses with personalized, results-driven digital marketing solutions, ensuring they not only compete but thrive in today's dynamic marketplace.


We are devoted to partnering with churches to amplify their message, foster community engagement, and drive sustainable church growth. Through cutting-edge digital strategies, we aim to help your congregation connect, inspire, and thrive in the digital age.



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Our Services

Commercial Video Production

Our video production services bring your brand to life with compelling visual storytelling. From captivating

commercials, promotional videos, and PSA's

to engaging client video testimonials, our skilled team combines creativity and technical expertise to produce videos that leave a lasting impact for your brand.

Reputation Management

We understand the critical role reputation plays in digital success. Our comprehensive reputation management services encompass Email & SMS Review Requests, ensuring a proactive approach to gathering feedback, as well as Custom or Auto Review Responses to amplify positive sentiments and address concerns swiftly, safeguarding and enhancing your brand's online image.

Additional Services

Social Media Management

Elevate your brand's social presence with our expert Social Media Management services. We craft and execute tailored strategies, curate engaging content, and foster meaningful interactions to not only expand your reach but also cultivate a vibrant community around your brand across various social platforms.

Branding & Design Services

Our Graphic Design services are the visual cornerstone of your brand's story. From captivating branding to eye-catching marketing collateral, our expert designers blend creativity with strategic thinking to ensure your brand makes a lasting impression in the digital landscape.

Tracking & Analytics

We provide meticulous Tracking and Analytics to decode the digital landscape. Our advanced analytics services ensure that every click, interaction, and conversion is not just measured but transformed into actionable insights, allowing our clients to make data-driven decisions that propel their digital success.

Client Relations

Our Client Relations services are designed to streamline and enhance your interactions with customers. From Automated Booking & Appointments, Pipeline Management and Workflow Automations to Email Document Signing, Invoices, Proposals, and Estimates, we provide a comprehensive solution to fortify client relationships, ensuring seamless and efficient communication throughout every stage of engagement.

We aspire to create a world where businesses flourish not only in terms of profitability but also in the strength of their reputations, guided by our unwavering dedication to honesty, accountability, and the highest standards of professional integrity.


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